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Portland Tub and Tan: Tanning

Last tanning session starts at 10:00 pm

Now you can enjoy the glow of a nice summer's tan all year 'round! A good tan reflects health and youthfulness and sun exposure can aid in stress relief and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Regular, moderate sun tanning is nature's best, all natural, chemical free sunscreen! Too much sun is not good for you. Sunburns are clearly harmful to your skin. But sun avoidance, or too much sunscreen, can contribute to other health problems. In ordinary amounts, sunlight and tanning rays can help you stay healthy! They can help you stay fit, improve heart functions, circulation, blood oxygen levels, muscle tone, and more!

A Professional Tanning Salon can help you prepare for the outdoor sun season. Maybe you just need to get some healthy rays when you can't get sunlight outdoors. Some sun lovers prefer tanning booths altogether. However you get your sun, we suggest you do it in moderation. Be sure to prepare for extended vacation sun exposure by getting tan gradually first.

The professionals at Portland Tub and Tan can help you achieve a tan and maintain it by determining what equipment is best for "you" and what lotions are best for your skin. They can also monitor your progress to prevent over exposure or burning. They will ensure professional and responsible quality services and products providing a cosmetic tan and lifestyle results such as stress reduction and a heightened sense of well-being.

Relax and enjoy the experience of tanning at Portland Tub and Tan, the premier relaxation host of the Pacific Northwest.

About Our Beds

Portland Tub and Tan uses Sundash Tanning beds. Sundash is one of Sun Ergolines distinct and universally recognized equipment brands. For more than 20 years Sundash has been the established American Icon prized for quality, dependability and ease of operation. Wed like to invite you now to the novelties of the Sundash product range.

Indoor Tanning vs. Outdoor Tanning

Let's take a look at the differences. Control- Tanning indoors allows you to control exactly what kind and how much UV light your skin receives, reducing the risk of ever contracting a sunburn. Tanning outdoors is a guessing game. How many times have you spent a day outside only to be surprised at the end of the day with a sunburn. Burning is not a part of healthy tanning. When tanning indoors you are exposing yourself to a scientifically controled amount of UV light, formulated to tan you with minimal risk for sunburn. Convenience- Weather is never an issue when tanning indoors. Several factors affect the sun's intensity. For instance, your geographical location will greatly affect the sun's intensity. The closer you are to the Earth's equator, the stronger the ultraviolet rays are. Altitude is also a factor when tanning outdoors. Levels of ultraviolet light greatly increases at higher altitudes, making it very difficult to gauge ones exposure outdoors. Speed- Depending on your skin, one or two quick sessions a week and you can maintain a healthy looking tan.
SUNDAY-THURSDAY:2:00 pm - Last session begins at 11:00pm
FRIDAY-SATURDAY:2:00 pm - Last session begins at 1:00am
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